My name is Ryan Odynski and welcome to my e-folio. I am graduating from Holy Cross College with a degree in business. I am from the South Bend area and grew up near Holy Cross College. I attended high school next door at St. Joseph's High School. Holy Cross College was the best fit for me, because it was a small liberal arts school. At Holy Cross College I knew I would receive personal attention from my professors and be given the opportunity to further develop as an individual.

At Holy Cross I have had many unique experiences which have allowed me to grow as an individual. I participated in volunteer work in the community, an internship, an overseas experience and finally a capstone to culminate my four years at the college. On the left hand side you will find links to each of these experiences in the four pillars, along with employment history, core competencies Holy Cross incorporates in all their classes, and some other links that explain more about who I am.

Upon graduation I would like to pursue a career in sales or customer service. My current job is at Tradehome, where I work with customers every day to help them find a unique shoe to fit their specific needs. Through my job, I have developed the skills needed to work successfully in a team oriented environment and inspired a passion to form lasting relationships with customers. My experiences at Holy Cross College have given me the confidence and the necessary skills needed to pursue this passion for improving the lives of others.

Thanks for visiting my e-folio!